Factors to Consider When Buying Wood Furniture

Several factors are to be considered prior to purchasing wood furniture. This will allow you to really examine your options closely. Below are a list of popular choices, ranging from sturdy to low maintenance. Keep in mind that you can buy metal frames separately so you always have the option to skip the all-wood material if you want to.


  • Teak

One of the most popular wood choices for outdoor furniture is Teak. It makes a pretty good investment considering its longevity and how it can surpass the harsh changing weather. Another thing that makes Teak a good choice is the fact that it requires minimal maintenance and care needs, despite being more expensive than other types of wood. You may have to spend more when buying Teak outdoor furniture but it’s totally worth it, because this wood lasts longer than most.

  • Eucalyptus

Wood furniture made of Eucalyptus is a good alternative, and may be considered comparable to the quality of Teak. Although this type of wood needs a yearly treatment of water-based acrylic sealant for maintenance, it’s still a decent option for outdoor furniture. It is less expensive than Teak but it can be as sturdy too, as long as proper maintenance is done.

  • Cedar

With proper care and maintenance, Cedar wood can last long too, although it won’t last longer compared to Teak or Eucalyptus. For maintenance, it needs a yearly coating of protective oil. If you plan to change outdoor furniture in a couple of years or so, Cedar is a reasonable choice.

Other factors that you need to consider before buying wood furniture are the following:

  • Location. Where do you plan to place your furniture? Will it be completely exposed or will it be placed under a shed or canopy? If you will be using soft wood like pine, then you need to place it in a protected and covered area to ensure that your outdoor furniture will last long.
  • Climate. Weather conditions can greatly affect the lifespan of your outdoor furniture. For instance, if you will expose them in the blazing heat or rain, then you may have to add protection or maintenance to withstand these weather conditions. Also, keep in mind that most wood materials are quite hard to maintain under moist or damp conditions.