Benefits Of A Copper Roof

Copper roofing – by far the most attractive of all types of metal roofing – has gained its distinction as the most in-demand metal roofing option, and for good reasons. Over time, the high sheen of brand new copper settles into a blue-green layer. It’s a truly unique transformation of roofing that gives a classic touch aside from complementing your home.

Here are some benefits of copper roofs:


Of all roofing material, copper is the material that improves with age. From high winds to torrential rains, a copper roof will withstand all forms of natural phenomenon. Copper builds up its protective film that works as a barrier or shield as it ages.


Another long-term benefit of having copper roofing is its practicality. Copper roofing is really an expensive material compared to most other roofing systems but due to extremely long service life, they have long-term cost efficiency. Copper roofing can last longer while other materials like wood and asphalt shingles have an approximately 25-year service life.

Low Maintenance

Copper roofs do not require any maintenance under most circumstances.

Antimicrobial Qualities

Copper has antimicrobial qualities. Either copper alloys or uncoated copper can naturally resist the growth of fungus and bacteria. Copper roofing is easier to keep clean as they are free from mold and rot free.

Homeowners can always depend on rain which is sufficient enough to wash away dirt and biological contaminants that can’t get a position on coppers apparent.


Compared to other roofing products, with a special mention of heavy concrete tiles or slate shingles, copper roofs weigh considerably less. Building roof structural members like trusses and rafters from slimmer materials are permissible. The overall construction costs eventually lessen.


Copper roofs are an even excellent choice of material against catching fire from a neighboring structure. A tremendous amount of heat to distort copper is needed.

High-value Preservation

Just the optical bearing alone provisions an upper real estate value as this is a vibrant advantage from installing a copper roof. Chic buyers recognize the value they receive in buying a building with a copper roof if well-thought-out alongside the durability and prolonged existence copper roofs profit.

Natural and Recyclable

Copper roofs will endure almost every other building merchandise. Copper from the trim, flashing, gutters and especially the roof can be retrieved and reprocessed once the structure is retired. There is exceedingly high demand for recycled copper at present.

Architectural Appeal

The chief benefit of a copper roof is the architectural appeal. There is no other way to counterpart definite architectural styles than merging of copper roof shingles or continuous panels with a specific design as copper provides elegance.