Stacked Stone

Stacked stone is a special three-dimensional veneer formed from cut stone pieces. Just like tile, these come affixed to a backing and are positioned in modules. With prices from $10-40 per square foot, the material comes in panels in most garden supply stores and tile showrooms. It’s easy to install and no grout is needed to use.

This material is commonly seen used outdoor. From landscaping, to accent around pools and other water features like fountains, and even used to accent frontline of buildings. Good thing, this material is not limited to be used for exterior purposes but can also be used inside.

Review on ledgestone

Also known as stacked stone, ledgestone is a type of natural stone tile utilized for borders, walls, or fireplaces. Lined up uniformly on a mesh to form a veneer, it is formed from all kinds of rectangular stripes of natural stone. Ledgestone is made of four rows of stones bonded together and sizes of tiles in the market usually come in 6-by-20-inch and 6-by-24-inch.


How it looks and its presentation is its first and most important advantage of a ledgestone. The material becomes the focal point of the room and it looks fabulous on any wall it accentuates. For how the texture will even be more visible, the reason many people will choose to highlight it with spotlights. The material can commonly be found in bathrooms, but will also look great on fireplace tiled around with ledgestone.

This tile is very eco-friendly since it’s made up of recycled materials, ideal for those who want to use worthwhile materials.


The ledgestone is heavier than porcelain or ceramic tiles as the characteristic of any natural stone. In order to fix the tiles on the walls, the installation should be done with special materials. There is also a possibility that the material can get damaged when bathroom fixtures are installed on ledgestone so its best to seek professional help. This isn’t a good option for your bathroom if you’re a super busy type of person and not into cleaning a lot. Because the material has different levels and the cracks may be time-consuming to maintain clean, it needs frequent cleaning.

However, you can opt for sealed and completely grouted tiles so that there is no void left between them if you do prefer ledgestone in your bathroom specifically shower area. A flat design will be ideal for the bathroom with the same level for all rectangular stripes. Having flat design is much easier to clean compared to uneven ledgestone design.