Flooring: Plywood

When it comes to building projects especially a house, plywood is dependable as it can give a great advantage over other materials. Truly, this material may not be the best choice for your project. When it’s time for decision making on whether or not to use plywood, Here are a few things to remember.

On areas of the house you would otherwise install hardwood, plywood floors are suitable for any room. Although areas like kitchens and bathrooms are less desirable since periodic water spills are likely. For basements flooring, it is not recommended to use plywood because they’re typically a bit damp. The transfer of moisture from the soil to the plywood is more likely to occur with a concrete floor, which could result in delaminate and swell over time.


With plywood materials, the cost is a great edge. Compared to solid wood, you can build furniture, shelves, and many other things for a fraction of the cost aside from using it for flooring. Plywood is usually just as sturdy and can be finished to look extraordinary.  Plywood is undoubtedly a pro to consider if the cost is a factor.


Because of the way, it’s made, plywood is very strong material. Plywood is layered several times over which summate more strength to the materials. When it comes to its durability, plywood will surpass other sheeting products.


Plywood can look bulky and off and so many people will not consider using plywood for certain projects. There are pieces of plywood which are prone to large voids and uneven color. You will either need to sand and finish the plywood or opt for another material if you are going for a natural wood look.

Unpopular Material

Plywood has a reputation for being cheap that is why many people shy away from using it. If only used correctly, plywood doesn’t have to be cheap looking plus it is affordable.